They could even point you in the right direction for additional offshoring locations, enabling you to expand quickly and sustainably. The bottom line is that the true cost of offshoring is more than hourly rates. Handle office administration tasks like printing, document sharing with tools such as Docusign or Hellosign. One of the advantages of this method is cultural and work ethic similarity. For European countries, as example, the common nearshoring option is Eastern Europe, where rates are in the $25-75 range.

What is Offshore Software Development

Visit your offshore team occasionally, conduct ice-breaker video calls so both teams get to know each other and always be vocal about how you feel about their collaboration. Your partner just built you a dream team of engineers, and now you find yourself at a crossroads, trying to figure out how to collaborate with them. We were struggling to find talented developers in Paris, but we found them in Bangalore with The Scalers.

Treat the offshore team as your in-house team

In record time, a full-stack software solution was created, with a library of coursework, a people-matching system, and a payment system all implemented. The purpose of an ODC is to provide scalable technology resources, allowing you to eliminate redundant expenses. Usually, the client company has direct supervision over offshore development center services by interfacing with the team members responsible for the execution through a project manager.

  • With offshore developers, you can turn your idea around quickly and scale your capabilities when needed.
  • Whereas, by setting up an offshore development center, the organization ensures that it retains control over the project details in accordance with the vision charted out prior.
  • Before we get into the details of offshore development software services, let’s better understand the various types of outsourcing and get a basic overview.
  • Offshore teams are core to the success of your project development and, thus, should be chosen with significant consideration.
  • Therefore, the knowledge transition process should also include a replication of the client company’s standards, approaches, and overall culture.
  • In record time, a full-stack software solution was created, with a library of coursework, a people-matching system, and a payment system all implemented.

Offshore software development services help you scale your business without much hassle. In fact, the global IT outsourcing market is projected to reach $425.19 billion by 2026, according to GlobeNewswire. When offshoring a major chunk of your software development, its best for your team to get introduced to the entire team, and not just the offshore team lead. A strong partnership with offshore developers is key to a successful outcome. Offshore software development is a valuable resource for companies looking to expand their technical team or launch new development projects. In 2021, the market for offshore software development reached $526.6 billion and is expected to continue growing in the future.

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Eastern European countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria have emerged as popular destinations for software outsourcing. With a population of 600K+ software engineers, Eastern Europe offers highly-skilled resources with English proficiency at cost-effective rates. Basis the first three steps, shortlist the companies that meet your project requirements best in terms of technology, experience, and talent pool. Choose companies with a big talent pool across technologies and extensive experience delivering complex projects for various industries. Besides this, when you hire a team for software development operating in a geographical location with a big time-zone difference, you stand to gain around-the-clock project development. If you are a start-up or SMB, curious to learn about offshore software development and how offshore software development benefits your business?

The biggest advantage of offshore software development is the ability to save money on labor. Not to mention that there are cultural differences that need to be considered. Offshore software development has seen a lot of growth in recent years. But before deciding for sure, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing software development projects overseas. Nearshore IT outsourcing happens between countries with similar time zones, like the USA and Latin America.

The clear guide to offshore outsourcing software development

Scaling your offshore software development team is faster than expanding your local team. Data privacy and security is a top concern for CIOs and all organizations working with sensitive data. You may also need an offshore team to complement your in-house developers who lack certain skills for the project, such as experience with certain programming languages. Our talent pool comprises 150+ qualified IT professionals with extensive experience in various software development verticals and spoken English. Relevant specialists operate on your timetable to deliver the products you need to launch your company at a higher level.

What is Offshore Software Development

Outsourcing your project development brings another advantage to hiring developers when the requirements of the project get increase. Other benefits of nearshoring are cultural proximity, convenient location and time zones, same or similar language. Outsourcing will become an even more popular option as offshore teams learn to meet the cultural needs of clients.

Appoint key workers

This reduces the changes in the development process of your project idea. Offshore software development means outsourcing projects to countries that are far from your location and have different time zones. The main reason for offshore software development outsourcing is the affordable cost. Given the pace at which the industry is growing, offshoring software development for technological and cost reasons is a natural business move. This ultimately reduces development time and improves your time-to-market. You want a company that has the knowledge and technology to develop software for you, without compromising your security.

As for the offshore teams, we take care of managing the development teams and make sure they have everything they need to do a great job for you. We also take care of all the local legislations and make sure all the developers work under local provisions and are compensated accordingly. We want to rid you of all the administration-related headaches and give your developers everything they would need for comfortable and effective performance. Basically, offshore meaning in software with offshoring, you can now hire people from anywhere around the world, as long as their expertise fits your project specs. Of course, such a vast range of choices leaves you with loads of vendors to filter, so you need to be careful here to choose the one who can give you the results you need. A good vendor can get you an entire team of professional software developers in a matter of a couple of months to get your project going ASAP.

What is Offshore Software Development? Why Is It Important?

Set Mutually Agreeable Deadlines– When everyone agree to all details, set strict deadlines for each stage of the project to make sure everyone follows them. Negotiate Rates– Talk about developer rates, mostly not to cut down a price already low, but to get a company or an individual to prove their capabilities. G) And last but not the least be aware of hidden costs, to avoid last minute hiccups. E) Research available outsourcing models and select the one that suits you best. As you delegate a part of responsibilities to specialists, there is no need for heavy focus on management and other things.

What is Offshore Software Development

As mentioned above, an ODS is like a new office branch of a company, except that it is located abroad. The main advantage here is that it helps to accelerate development for large projects, especially when there are more than 30 developers involved. Otherwise, you should consider the outstaffing model, in which ProCoders are high professionals. Communicating with your offshore development center about their portfolio.

Reduced Travel Costs and Time

Additionally, offshore development can deliver superior software performance while you focus on your core business operations. We hope this article encourages you to consider offshoring as part of your business strategies. The tricky part with offshoring your software development is the hidden cost. Yes, the labor rates from other countries may look tempting on the surface. Hence, always insist that your offshore development partner craft a well-designed plan before team members work on the project. You’ll encounter cultural differences when working across your local US or European teams and offshore teams in countries like the Philippines.

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